Postcard Style Reply Cards vs Return Envelopes

Postcard Style Reply Card

A postcard style is printed on both sides. On the front side, is the main reply card text. On the backside is the address of whom you want the reply card returned. This is usually the bride, mother of the bride, or person in charge of the wedding guest list. It is custom to pre-stamp your reply cards, so with a postcard style reply card, you could use the slightly cheaper postcard stamp instead of a regular letter stamp. Having your reply card as a postcard will also save you the cost of a reply card return envelope.

Traditional Reply Card with a Return Envelope

Traditionally, reply or response cards have return envelopes. You should print the address to which you want the reply card returned on the envelope. Some home printers can print on envelopes – check your printer’s specifications to see if your printer can and what the size limitations are. Traditionally, the envelope should be stamped with a regular letter stamp. If your envelope is square or an odd size, additional postage may be required.

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