Simple Wedding Invitation Embellishments Ideas

Embellishing or making your wedding invite fancier doesn’t have to cost a lot. You may even be able to use items you have around your house.

Will I have to pay extra postage if I add an embellishment?

You may have to pay for extra postage if your embellishment makes your wedding invite rigid or bumpy. A couple easy ideas that should not cost extra postage are a backing and a vellum insert.

What are some simple embellishment ideas?

Punch two holes at the top of your wedding invitation. Use the holes to tie a ribbon that matches your wedding theme colors.

Glue fake flowers at the top or lower corners of your invite. Use the same type of flower that will be displayed in your bouquet or centerpieces during the reception.

Ribbon with a Jewel
Wrap a wide ribbon around the invite and glue or tape the two ends on the back. Glue a jewel or other trinket you like to the center of the ribbon on the front.

Decoupage a fabric with a design you really like to top or bottom of your wedding invitation. A strip of fabric down the middle would also look really cool.

This one will take a little time and planning. Press leaves from your favorite plant. The pressing process can take up to 3 months. Once fully dried and pressed, glue the leaves to your wedding invite. 

Wooden Popsicle Sticks
Use popsicle sticks or thin twigs to decorate your invite. 

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